Cancelling True Crime Adjacent

Why and what’s next

Aaron Jacklin
2 min readSep 9, 2023


I regret to announce that I’m winding down True Crime Adjacent.

I’ve taken stock of what I’ve committed myself to, looked at what engagement it’s received, and decided where to devote my limited attention.

My conclusion? Everything’s gotta go.

While I think True Crime Adjacent still has potential, it would require more of my attention than I can give it to make it what it could be.

Instead, I’m going to cancel it and my other publication, Nonfiction Crime Writing, to make space for one that more aligns with what I want to be doing on this platform.

To that end, I’ll soon launch a new Medium publication: Understand Crime. Where True Crime Adjacent looked primarily at research related to the themes and types of crime found in true crime content, Understand Crime will cast a broader net, looking at all types of crime. It will feature writing about criminology- and criminal-justice-related research. I’ve already started migrating old True Crime Adjacent stories to the new publication.

I’m also going to focus on the book I’m writing, which is about writing nonfiction crime content. Specifically, it’s about understanding and integrating crime statistics and expert knowledge into your writing. (Sign up for my email list to find out more about the book and get updates on its progress. You’ll also get a free guide.)

To those (few) of you who follow True Crime Adjacent, thank you so much. I really appreciate you. I hope you’ll follow Understand Crime.



Aaron Jacklin

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